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Hello, My name is Matthew Staz and I am the commander of an Xbox 360 Call of Duty clan.  The Black Swan clan promotes respect toward friends and randoms, we also have in clan tournaments to include every member, but the most important thing is that we have fun.  We have over 50 members who all either have over a 1.000 K/D ratio or are extremely good objective players.  We also have a GB  team that we just started.   With a sponsorship, or clan will promote your product on our frequently viewed Twitter account.  We also just created a new Youtube Channel.  We are a large, still growing, clan looking for a chance to be represented. Twitter- Youtube- ... JaHUwrTXcAFJIcS-iAsQ

Matthew Staz (Gamer Tag- ClassicSTAZ) Founder of Black Swan Gaming 
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